This is just a random post. I’d really like to make a site the way I have it in my mind, not this pre-cooked Web 2.0 crap which allows you only to choose which average model you want to belong to, but here I am.

In my country there’s a bunch of stupid people (yeah, stupid!) shouting “freedom, freedom”. They forgot EVERYTHING of Oh, here they are.what they ARE. They are now in their Mercedes, burning traffic light, speeding at 180 km/h in urban areas, and hell they think they’re cool. But they want their FREEDOM. Freedom of being SURE they won’t have to take responsibilities for ANYTHING they do, freedom to choose what the alien others have to take responsibilities from.
Sometimes I really think this is becoming hell. More and more I find myself thinking this planet would do better degenerate into a Mars-state as soon as possible. In this view, stupid people are following the right path: let go everything to hell as soon as possibile. It is actually so hard to foresee the long term effect of our present choices, that sometime it’s not even worth to think about them. The culprit is I. The bad thing is to stop thinking about ourselves as a living complex, where what individuals do has a meaningful effect only if averaged on big numbers. It does not make sense to our most intimate nature, not even a bit, but that’s a fact. And I don’t see any progress in the development of a higher perception of ourselves. I don’t mean to drift onto even evil(er) paths, embodied in the degeneration of useless sects which rather give you a different set of rules to blindly trust than show you the path to happiness.

And everything else seems pointless. Now why am I starting this wannabe personal site is a question, given the meaninglessness of I, but that’s also the answer, actually. Lonelyness is hell, I think every individual can subscribe to this. So I wonder if this Web 2.0 will really exploit his potential that is, in my opinion, the trascendence of this useless I into a more meaningful us.

I actually think the Borg might be a good model to take inspiration from. Well, after all I called this blog Geekissimo.



~ by Illerit on 16 December, 2007.

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