A physicist’s goals

A phisicist’s goals, in order of ambition. For example, Mr. Geeko:

  1. To have his own article
  2. As stated by A. Geeko in PRL 80, 2008, 115-118…

  3. To have his own Nature
  4. CNN: Upcoming: a revolutionary discovery from Dr. A. Geeko, soon to be featured in Nature…

  5. To have his own book.
  6. “Look, leave that book, you’ll never pass the exam with that. Use Geeko’s, it’s much better.”

  7. To have his own equation.
  8. By applying Geeko’s equation then we find that…

  9. To have his own unit.
  10. In this 3-years PhD thesis I was finally able to measure the quantity as 1.34 Geekos.

  11. To have his own costant.
  12. For convenience, let’s put Geeko’s constant equal to 1 and forget about it.


~ by Illerit on 15 January, 2008.

2 Responses to “A physicist’s goals”

  1. Very funny! Enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for your support. Dunno what to do with this stuff yet. Hopefully I’ll find the inspiration to input more babbling :)

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