Safety at the gas station

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and the fumes health issue is SOLVED!


What can change the nature of a man?

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I guess out was not so bad after all. The future seems so fuzzy here, and always as soon as it seems to be reaching the end, something slightly better happens and some light shines. I don’t know yet if it’s good. At times I think it’s like keeping am animal in captivity, you have to give him a reward from time to time or he’ll run away. But there are still a few good reasons to stay, so let’s still see where this ends.

A change.

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Well, not really. But from today I will use this space as a personal blog, the way it was meant, actually. The real change is that I will actually try to use it. To try to avoid a shrink. There, I said it.

By the way, I will try to do all with my smartphone. At least I will not write too long posts…

Money and Happiness

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Statisically speaking, it’a a logic XOR.

If you lucked out and you got an AND, it`s only a statistical fluctuation.

It will get back to you.  So, start to get ready for it.

It`s true.

Sarah Palin is a really cool guy, she shoots wolves from planes and doesnt afraid of anything

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Yeah, that's preservation.

[note to idiots: look up sarcasm before reading]
Ok, I guess no one is expecting any effort on preservation of the country from the Bush side of the administration. Dig everywhere, pollute whatever as long as the big oil investors are satisfied and willing to pay for the election campaign.

In this respect, Sarah Palin is quite cool. Now, what do you think of shooting wolves from airplaines? Can you think of anything more stupid?


Maybe we can drop nukular bombs on the wolves dwelling areas and then collect the bodies. Radiation damage can be easily covered up, I mean, after tricking a nation into hating a non-existing organization (Al Qaeda) and convincing young soldiers to die for basically nothing (except oil and finance), that’s minor businnes. So yeah, Sarah Palin was on the right track. Shootin wolves from airplaines is surely an ancient tradition that we must preserve. Just like the ice age, you know, the newly evolved created Homo Sapiens Sapiens flying aroung in foot powered planes to nail sabertooth tigers. Yeah.

The facts I’m talking about can be found here. So Sarah Palin was eager to spend contributor’s money to keep this wonderful sport alive. I don’t understand you guys. I mean, do you like better spending a day relaxing in the wilderness or shooting a wolf from a plane? And so on, there Rep’s will go on destroying what’s left of the planet. And YOUR country. So you can save 10c on your trip to the supermarket. And kill a wolf from a plane if you want. C’mon, please. Give the rest of the planet a break, blast off the old guy and that crazy daughter of a she-wolf [1].

[1] “Figli della Lupa”, here freely tranlsated in a witty pun, was a fascist organization in Italy (see ref.).

Rule on RL geeks

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Based on the factual observations on the real world, I have a rule to propose and to put to the test of the experimental evidence:

Rule on Real Life and InterNet Geek:

A geek in the internet is always way more geeky than a geek met IRL.


A physicist’s goals

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A phisicist’s goals, in order of ambition. For example, Mr. Geeko:

  1. To have his own article
  2. As stated by A. Geeko in PRL 80, 2008, 115-118…

  3. To have his own Nature
  4. CNN: Upcoming: a revolutionary discovery from Dr. A. Geeko, soon to be featured in Nature…

  5. To have his own book.
  6. “Look, leave that book, you’ll never pass the exam with that. Use Geeko’s, it’s much better.”

  7. To have his own equation.
  8. By applying Geeko’s equation then we find that…

  9. To have his own unit.
  10. In this 3-years PhD thesis I was finally able to measure the quantity as 1.34 Geekos.

  11. To have his own costant.
  12. For convenience, let’s put Geeko’s constant equal to 1 and forget about it.